Auditioning For Soundworks

Photo by Kim Kiely

Becoming A Member

Would you like to sing with Soundworks? Our audition process is pretty straightforward and we are open to new members year round. Unlike some other groups you don't have to wait for the next membership drive or open auditions.

We'll want you to attend enough concerts and/or rehearsals for us to get to know you and for you to be sure we are a group you want to be a part of. We will give you a vocal assessment to test your vocal range so we can determine which voice parts we think you would be best suited for in our ensemble. 

We will provide you with sheet music and voice-predominant learning tracks for our audition song. You will be asked to sing a solo piece of your choice and then you'll sing the audition piece with a quartet.. Both of these performances will be in front of the group. The music team will determine your eligibility to join based on this audition and will make their recommendation to the Board of Directors who have the final decision on membership in the organization.

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